Germany's Top Employers Diversity 2022


Based on an online survey of more than 45,500 employees, the Germany’s top 250 Employers Diversity 2022 were awarded in cooperation with stern magazine.



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The scoring model is based on the employer’s diversity promotion as perceived by their employees and other employees within the same industry. In addition, the diversity dimensions of general strategy, gender, age, LGBTQ+, migration background and mental & physical disabilities were evaluated by the participants. In addition, Statista researched further KPIs in connection to diversity.

The total score is calculated from different score components, which are included with different weightings.

The employees were asked to give their opinion on a series of statements surrounding the topics of age, gender equality, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQ+ and general diversity concerning their own employer.

Additionally, participants were given the chance to evaluate other employers in their respective industries that stand out either positively or negatively with regard to diversity. Only the recommendations of minority groups were considered.

Company Insights

In addition to the willingness to recommend, statements about work-related factors are queried. More insights are available on the performance of individual employers in the form of small reports.

Management Board

An index was created to measure diversity in leadership positions. Researched using publicly available information on women in top leadership positions and diversity responsibilities in top leadership positions.

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