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Based on a worldwide online survey of thousands of medical professionals and the Statista Smart Hospitals Maturity Survey, the 330 leading hospitals in the field of smart technologies were awarded for the third time. The list recongizes hospitals across 28 different countries. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to name a standout category for the recommended smart hospitals. The five categories were: Electronic functionalities, Telemedicine, Digital Imaging, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics.

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The ranking for World’s Best Smart Hospitals 2024 is based on a worldwide online survey of thousands medical professionals as well as the Statista Smart Hospitals Maturity survey. The ranking features the top 330 hospitals in the field of smart technologies including 5 standout categories. The Statista Smart Hospitals Maturity survey dives into the implementation status of smart technologies of leading hospitals across different countries, enabling data collection on the usage of digital technologies directly from the hospitals.

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