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America's Best Startup Employers 2022

The 500 Best Startup Employers in the US have been identified by analyzing more than 8 million datapoints. The data is gathered via a social listening campaign and extensive desk research

In the first step of a gradual approach, organic growth and size were considered to narrow down an initial longlist of more than 10,000 companies to 2,500 companies that qualified for the in depth analysis

The detailed evaluation of 2,500 employers was based on three different criteria

  1. Reputation as an employer (measured via the KPIs of the social listening campaign in blogs, news, social media)
  2. Employee satisfaction (measured via the KPIs average relative tenure and employee reviews)
  3. Growth (measured via the KPIs headcount, traffic and job openings)

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Three vital dimensions for a startups attractiveness as an employer brand are taken into account, reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. Having a good image, offering novel perks and benefits and being able to offer a growing environment that enables employees to develop quickly are key advantages that startups have, to compete with more established companies in the competition for talent.

Data Collection

Startups considered for the ranking are still privately held and therefore publish a limited amount of information. In this absence of hard financial indicators, the data collected for this project consists of other publicly available KPIs. Reputation is measured via social media measurement, satisfaction by an aggregate of reviews and average employee retention, growth is approximated by headcount growth, website traffic and job openings.


For the evaluation, Statista R applies a scoring model that incorporates over 8 million data points across the three subdimensions Reputation, Satisfaction and Growth. Companies are scored on a scale from 0 to 100 in each subdimension based on their benchmarking against each other. All three subdimensions are weighted equally.

Quality Assurance

For each potential award-winning employer brand the headquarters and founding year are researched. This step serves as quality assurance and is presented as information in the publication.

A detailed report on our methodology for America’s Best Startup Employers 2022 is available.

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