World's Best Hospitals 2024

Based on an online survey of over 85,000 medical professionals, existing patient satisfaction data, hospital quality metrics and a PROMs implementation survey, 2,400 hospitals in 30 countries were awarded for the sixth time in cooperation with Newsweek.

In addition to the country lists the project provides a list of the Top 250 best hospitals worldwide. To create the global Top 250 ranking, the number of international recommendations, the national ranking, the PROMs implementation excellence and the quality metrics/patient satisfation excellence were combined into a global rank.

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Who are

World's Best Hospitals 2024

– The focus of World’s Best Hospitals is to award general hospitals. Specialized hospitals which nevertheless have received recommendations, are featured on the country lists without a rank.

– Please note that the PROMs score was taken into account for the national rank.

Hospital participated in the PROMs implementation survey

Hospital surpassed the minimum grading threshold of PROMs implementation

Hospital has an advanced level of PROMs implementation

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Statista PROMs implementation survey

To account for the increasing importance of value-based care in healthcare systems worldwide, Statista is surveying hospitals regarding their Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) implementation status. PROMs are defined as standardized, validated questionnaires completed by patients to measure their perception of their functional well-being and quality of life related to an episode or experience of care.

Newsweek and Statista recognize the importance of this topic for global advancements in health care delivery and, together with the guidance of Statista’s global board of medical experts, have developed a survey about the implementation and use of PROMs across different specialties and departments in hospitals. The implementation of PROMs adds a patient-outcome focused dimension and improves the comprehensiveness of the rankings.

The upcoming survey period for the PROMs implementation survey will begin in autumn 2024 and will be open for participation here.

Pre-Registration is available here (Please make sure to whitelist the email address:

Healthcare Rankings - Registration for Peer-to-Peer Surveys

If you are a healthcare professional and want to be part of future survey cycles of our peer-to-peer survey, feel free to register here:

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The Global Hospital rating is a voluntary rating system where hospitals can apply to get evaluated against established quality criteria.

The Project

About the project

The ranking for World’s Best Hospitals 2024 is based on an online survey of tens of thousands medical professionals in 30 countries as well as publicly available data on hospital quality metrics and patient experience.



Hospitals evaluated


Medical professionals surveyed


Hospitals awarded


How we work

Group 1161


The scoring model is based on 4 pillars: Hospital recommendations from medical experts, hospital quality metrics, patient experience data and the voluntary PROMs implementation survey.

Group 1162


The scoring is based on 4 pillars to increase the comprehensiveness of the ranking. As different data sources were examined in each country, the calculated scores are only comparable on a national level.

In addition, the global top 250 hospitals were determined by 5 components: the number of international recommendations received and their national rank, and three new components: quality metrics excellence, patient satisfaction excellence and PROMs implementation excellence.

Hospitals whose performance within the quality metrics and/or patient satisfaction pillars were in the top 20% of the respective country were eligible for the quality metrics excellence/patient satisfaction excellence pillars. Hospitals which met the PROMs implementation grading threshold were also eligible for the PROMs implementation excellence pillar. Furthermore, Statista’s global board of medical experts is tasked with supporting the continuous development of the methodology.

Group 1160

Data Collection

Medical experts were invited by Statista and Newsweek to participate in an online survey to recommend hospitals on a national and international level. Recommendations for own employer were not allowed.

Data on hospital quality metrics and patient experience from publicly available sources was evaluated as well (pending data availability by country). Additionally, a PROMs implementation survey has been conducted by Statista to assess the PROMs implementation status of hospitals.

This year, Statista has partnered with the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement (ICHOM, as a knowledge partner. ICHOM is the world’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to development of standardized measurement of patient-important outcomes (including PROMs) as a basis for driving value-based health care. ICHOM is contributing to the future development of the PROMs implementation survey, in a manner that can drive not only measurement but use of the data from PROMs (and other patient-important outcomes) to advance value based healthcare.

Group 1157


For the evaluation, Statista R applies a scoring model. The scores were calculated for each hospital in each of the 4 pillars and weighted as follows: Recommendations from medical experts (40% national, 5% international), patient experience (16.25%), hospital quality metrics (35.25%), PROMs implementation (3.5%).

A detailed report on our methodology is available here (extended version) and here (short version).


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