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In times of growing opportunities and developing work models in national and global job markets, employer branding becomes an increasingly important topic.
There are many great companies that offer attractive jobs and working conditions. At the same time, skilled and specialized employees across industries are looking to take their next career steps at an outstanding company.
To provide guidance for both candidates and employers on the variety of employers in the different national, regional and global job markets, we at Statista R recognize the best-in-class.
We do so in cooperation with high-profile media partners like Forbes and Financial Times. Projects focus on the best evaluated employers based on the employees’ willingness to recommend their own or another. We also take specific target groups into account: we award employers that stand out in areas such as diversity and recognize the best employers for specific groups such as new grads, veterans, women or IT specialists.

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America's Best Large Employers 2024

Based on a survey of over 170,000 employees, America’s Best Employers (400 midsize and 600 large) were awarded for the ninth time in cooperation with Forbes.

with forbes

America's Best Midsize Employers 2024

Based on a survey of over 170,000 employees, America’s Best Employers (400 midsize and 600 large) were awarded for the ninth time in cooperation with Forbes.

with PME & Handelszeitung

Switzerland's Best Employers 2024

Based on an online survey of more than 15,000 employees, Switzerland’s best 250 employers were awarded for the sixth time in cooperation with Handelszeitung and PME.

with forbes

Canada's Best Employers 2024

Based on an independent survey of over 40,000 Canada-based employees working for companies employing at least 500 people, Canada’s Best Employers 2024 list awards the top 300 employers in Canada.

with forbes

Canada's Best Startup Employers 2024

For the first time, Statista, in cooperation with Forbes Media, have recognized “Canada’s Best Startup Employers”.  The ranking is based on data on employer reputation collected using a social listening approach, reviews about employees’ satisfaction and analysis of the growth of the company.

with forbes

America's Best Employers for Veterans 2023

In its fourth edition, America’s Best Employers for Veterans is a list of the top 150 employers for veterans in the USA. This list is done in partnership with Forbes and is based on an online survey of over 8,000 U.S. veterans who reviewed their own employer and others in their industry.

with forbes

World's Top Companies For Women 2023

The ranking for World’s Top Companies For Women 2023 is based on independent surveys of women employees around the world. Surveys were conducted in 37 countries using online access panels to gather reviews independently of the employers themselves.

with F.A.Z.-Institut

Germany's Best Employers for Lawyers 2023/24

In cooperation with the F.A.Z. Institute, 75 law firms were recognized as the best employers for lawyers in Germany. The ranking is based on several surveys of a total of 4,000 lawyers.

with forbes

World's Best Employers 2023

Based on an independent survey from a vast sample of more than 170,000 employees across 50 countries, the World’s Best 700 Employers are awarded for the 4th time in cooperation with Forbes.


Excellent Employers: Audit for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany 2024

The SZ Institut and Statista offer you the opportunity to register for an employee survey, conducted by Statista.

All companies with 50-499 employees in Germany can book an audit by filling out the registration form – an opportunity to determine your workforce’s satisfaction with your company as an employer.

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