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Law firms offer legal services to both individuals as well as companies and other organizations. They support and give guidance in different fields of law.

To recognize excellence in the market, we at Statista R award the best-in-class law firms in cooperation with high-profile media partners. The top lists focus on the best evaluated law firms by lawyers and business clients, based on peer-to-peer and client surveys.

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Europe's Leading Patent Law Firms 2024

The Financial Times and Statista continue to worked together to create the 6th annual edition of the Financial Times Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms Special Report.

with Capital & Stern

Germany's Top Law Firms for Private Clients 2024

For the fifth time, Capital and Stern in cooperation with Statista have awarded Germany’s Top Law Firms for Private Clients 2024.

with Il Sole 24 ORE

Italy's Top Law Firms 2024

For the sixth consecutive year, Il Sole 24 ORE and Statista have awarded “Italy’s Top Law Firms”. Through a vast number of reports from lawyers and clients, outstanding law firms in the Italian legal scene were recognized.

with Le Point

France's Top Law Firms 2024

For the sixth year running, Statista, in collaboration with Le Point, recognizes “France’s Top Law Firms 2024”.

with brand eins

Germany's Top Business Law Firms 2024

For the fifth time, Statista in collaboration with brand eins, have recognized Germany’s Top Business Law Firms 2024.

with Bilanz & PME

Switzerland's Top Law Firms 2024

Together with the market research institute Statista, Bilanz and PME present the analysis “Switzerland’s Top Law Firms 2024” for the eighth time.

with TIME

America's Top Law Firms 2024

In it’s inaugural year, Statista in collaboration with TIME, have recognized America’s Top Law Firms 2024. 150 of the nations leading Law Firms were awarded based on an innovative methodology consisting of recommendations made by lawyers and clients. Approximately 150,000 attorneys across the US were invited to participate in the survey.

with The Globe and Mail

Canada's Best Law Firms 2024

Canada’s Best Law Firms were selected based on recommendations made by lawyers (peer-to-peer survey) and clients (corporate legal departments) in 31 different fields of law. The Top 200 law firms in Canada were identified based on the number of recommendations they received.

with The Straits Times

Singapore's Best Law Firms 2024

Statista and The Straits Times worked together to produce the 4th edition of the Singapore’s Best Law Firms. This project continues to identify the most highly recommended law firms across Singapore by launching a survey conducted amongst thousands of lawyers and clients.

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