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Your law firm belongs to the exclusive list of “America’s Top Law Firms 2024” and is given the opportunity to license the official award logo. The package-options will help you to boost your marketing, HR, and communication strategy.

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Media Kit

This kit includes prepared graphics and artwork which support the immediate usage of the award in your marketing and communication campaigns.

Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Prepared backgrounds for your desktop and company mobile phone. The package also includes backgrounds for video meetings.

Social Media

Create momentum among your followers! Prepared artworks for Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for time-efficient usage of the award on your social media channels.

E-Mail Signatures & Web Banner

In order to use the logo immediately, the media kit contains a prepared artwork for signature strips and a web banner. This will help you to get even more frequency on the award-communication.

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Project Details

About the project

The “America’s Top Law Firms 2024” list is based on recommendations made by lawyers (peer-to-peer survey) and clients (e. g. in-house lawyers working in corporate legal departments).

Around 50,000 attorneys across the US were invited to take part in the survey. The sample was collected via research conducted by Statista on company websites, in publications and on job networks such as LinkedIn. Invitations were sent by e-mail with a personalized link that could only be used once.
In addition, lawyers and clients could participate in the survey via an open link. In these cases, the participants had to provide a personal company e-mail address before their answers were included in the evaluation. The link was announced and made available online by TIME.

The survey was conducted online between May 8th and June 30th, 2023. Statista recorded the recommendations made for the law firms. Self-recommendations (recommendation of one’s own law firm) were prohibited, and these recommendations were not included in the evaluation. Moreover, Statista used recommendations from own internationally conducted surveys as well as additional company data (e. g. revenue, number of employees) provided by the companies themselves (voluntary information in a separate follow-up survey, information provided by the companies on their websites) or from public sources (e. g. press releases, public directories, etc.). In the case that no company data were available, an estimate was made.

The participants were also asked to answer some optional editorial questions specifically focused on developments in the US legal world.

To be included in the final 150 list law firms must have a minimum total number of recommendations. The recommendations originate on the one hand from the survey of this project, on the other hand from other Statista lawyer surveys and were weighted and included to a certain percentage. In addition, law firms must have a minimum worldwide turnover of at least $200 million and at least 100 employees in the United States. If the total number of employees is less than 100, it is sufficient if at least 50% of the employees are in the USA. The websites of these law firms and the states they have offices in have been researched and recorded.


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