Global Hospital Rating

Recognizing hospital excellence

Statista and Newsweek present the Global Hospital Rating: a comprehensive hospital benchmarking system designed to provide an overview of a hospital’s strengths in concrete quality dimensions.


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What is the Global Hospital Rating?

After 5 years of creating international hospital rankings renowed in the global market, Statista and Newsweek present the Global Hospital Rating in 2023 – a star system recognizing hospital excellence.

The rating process is based on a survey which hospitals must submit. The responses of the survey will be evaluated by the Statista Team. Hospitals that meet the criteria, will receive a rating between 1 and 5 stars.

This will allow hospitals to attract the best healthcare professionals and increase trust with patients.

Why should my hospital participate?

By participating in the Global Hospital Rating, your hospital will be able to identify its strengths and areas of improvement, signaling the quality criteria your hospital meets to patients and potential talent.

The Global Hospital Rating is valid for a period of 2 to 3 years, and can be renewed by future evaluations.

What is the difference between the World’s Best Hospitals ranking and the Global Hospital Rating?

World's Best Hospital Ranking

Top Hospitals ranked in 28 countries

  1. To be included in World’s Best Hospitals, registration is not necessary.
  2. The ranking is a comparison between top hospitals in each country. It is based on recommendations from medical professionals, publicly available hospital quality metrics, patient satisfaction data, and a voluntary Patient Reported Outcome Measures implementation survey.
  3. A scoring model is used to calculate the overall hospital score, which determines the rank of the hospital receiving the award.
Global Hospital Rating

Recognizes general hospitals around the globe via a rating system

  1. To participate in the Global Hospital Rating, hospitals can apply for evaluation here.
  2. To receive a rating, the hospital submits data via a survey that consists of five categories relevant to the provision of healthcare services and attractiveness as an employer.
  3. After the submitted data has been validated, the data is evaluated, and the hospital receives a rating of 1 to 5 stars.
  4. The rating is valid for a period of 2-3 years with yearly checkpoints along the way.
  5. The rating can be renewed by future evaluations.
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