Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber für Juristen 2023/24

The ranking is based on several surveys conducted among a total of 4,000 male and female lawyers. In collaboration with the F.A.Z. Institute, 75 law firms were recognized as the best employers for lawyers.

List of Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber für Juristen 2023/24

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The Project

The ranking is based on several surveys conducted among a total of 4,000 male and female lawyers. In collaboration with the F.A.Z. Institute, 75 law firms were recognized as the best employers for lawyers.

The links to the surveys were distributed by Statista and the F.A.Z. Institute through numerous mailings. Additionally, the F.A.Z. Institute encouraged participation in the survey through its publications (F.A.Z. Kiosk App, Einspruch) and newsletters. Furthermore, the survey link was disseminated through the online communities of the following institutions:
• Federal Association of Commercial Law Firms in Germany
• IQB Career Services
• Liquid Legal Institute

Moreover, respondents were recruited through high-quality online access panels.

To complete the picture, additional satisfaction factors regarding employer quality were researched online.

In total, approximately 2,400 law firms in Germany were identified for the survey in advance. However, respondents were also able to mention and evaluate other law firms they were familiar with.

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Rated law firms


Surveyed lawyers


Awarded law firms



Our scoring model is based on independently collected evaluations from lawyers.

This year’s surveys accounted for 80% of the score. The online reputation of the employer on the internet was additionally considered, contributing 10%. Since the quality of law firms as employers typically does not significantly change within a year, the previous year’s results were also included, making up 10% of the score.



The employee surveys conducted by Statista R are carried out independently of the potentially awarded employer brands. This reduces distortion of the results that could arise from non-anonymous surveys (e.g. social desirability in response behavior). The focus on willingness to recommend and on general questions about working conditions allows for comparability across heterogeneous sectors.

Data Collection

For data collection, Statista R programs detailed online questionnaires that ask survey participants about work-related topics. Statista R works with leading online access panels worldwide to identify suitable participants. During the survey, the incoming evaluations are checked for quality & validity (interview length, variances, inconsistencies) and sorted accordingly.


For the evaluation, Statista R applies a scoring model that primarily relies on the direct and indirect evaluation of the respondents. This includes both the evaluation of the respondent’s own employer as well as the evaluation of other employers from the same industry.

Quality Assurance

For each potential award-winning employer brand, the number of employees and the headquarters in the respective country are researched. This step serves as quality assurance and is presented as information in the publication.

A detailed report on our methodology for the “Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber für Juristen 2023/24” is available.

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