KMU Audit Österreich

TOP Employer Audit for small and medium-sized enterprises in Austria

“Trend” business magazine and the market research company Statista offer you the opportunity to register for an employee survey, conducted by Statista.

All companies with 50-199 employees in Austria can book an audit by filling out the registration form (see button below) here – an opportunity to determine your workforce’s satisfaction with your company as an employer.

The core result of the survey is summarized in a score from 0-10, with 10 being the top rating. Participating in the audit thus allows you to compare yourself to Austria’s top 300 employers with over 200 employees, which have been determined and published annually since 2017.

If the results of the audit conducted at your company in 2023 show that your company achieves the score minimum of Austria’s Top 300 Employers of 2024, you will become a Top Employer in the category of Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises – and will be granted the right to acquire and use the Official Seal of Quality.

There is also added value for all other audit participants: everyone can order a detailed analysis of the results of their employee survey, including benchmarks. If you decide to order the detailed analysis of your survey results with benchmark data on relevant top employers from your industry or region, you can also book up to five individual additional questions. These additional questions will be inserted into the employee questionnaire – within the structure of the questionnaire and edited to market research criteria – and additionally evaluated as part of the audit.

As a media company and market researcher, it goes without saying that strict compliance with data protection rules and the anonymity of employees when completing the questionnaires is guaranteed.


  • Individual audit of your company
  • Insight into the satisfaction of your workforce
  • Optional – depending on score: Seal of approval license
  • Optional – for all: booking of detailed analysis of results
  • Optional: Booking of individual additional questions

It is as easy as this

  • Register now: Booking by member of the HR team, managing director, member of the executive board
  • You choose the survey period from two possible time periods
  • Contribution towards costs of €590 for taking part in the audit
  • We will contact you to discuss the details of the employee survey

Who is eligible?

In order to be included in the ranking your company must meet the following criteria:

  • Companies with headquarters in Austria (also subsidiaries of international groups)
  • 50-199 employees with workplace in Austria (permanent, full & part time)

How do I register?

Online registration

Please register here:

Contact us

Should you have any additional questions or would otherwise like to contact us, please email


What are the costs?
Contribution towards costs of €590 for participating in the audit Optional: booking of individual additional questions in combination with the detailed analysis (for €2.900 plus VAT) Optional - for all: booking of detailed analysis of results (for €2.500 plus VAT) Optional - depending on score: Seal of approval license (for €4,950 or in a "bundle" with analysis for €5,950, both plus VAT)
Can the survey be offered in English / other languages?
We can optionally program an English version of the questionnaire, which allows employees to choose their preferred language. Translations into other languages have to be done by the customer and will be programmed by us afterwards.
How can we reach employees who do not have email addresses?
We have several options for reaching employees without email addresses. We would be happy to discuss these with you, for example: 1. we create the invitation as a letter. We can either send this directly to your employees or send it to you bundled as a PDF and you can distribute it. 2. we provide you with a general link and ask the employees to enter an individual code. This information will of course not be shared with the employer, but only used by Statista.
What questions are asked?
Feel free to take a look at the questionnaire here. (Link:
Can we delete individual questions from the survey?
Unfortunately, we cannot selectively delete individual questions from the questionnaire in order not to jeopardize the comparability of the companies.
When and for how long will the survey take place?
The survey period covers one month. You can select in the registration in which period the survey should take place (June or October/November).
How often are reminders sent?
The plan is to send a reminder 2 weeks after the start of the survey. If response is low, we may send another reminder one week before the end of the survey period.