America's Best Maternity Hospitals 2024

Based on a nationwide online survey, results from general patient experience surveys and hospital quality metrics with a focus on indicators relevant to maternity care the 404 leading maternity hospitals in the US were awarded in coooperation with Newsweek.

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America's Best Maternity Hospitals 2024


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The ranking for America’s Best Maternity Hospitals 2024 is based on a nationwide online survey of health care professionals as well as quality of care metrics and patient satisfaction data. The ranking features the nation’s 404 leading maternity hospitals in the US.


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How we work

Group 1162


Based on a nationwide online survey among healthcare professionals and hospital managers with knowledge about maternity processes e.g., neonatal and perinatal doctors, nurses and midwives, results from general patient experience surveys and hospital quality metrics with a focus on indicators relevant to maternity care the leading maternity hospitals in the US were awarded.

Group 1160

Data collection

The list of America’s Best Maternity Hospitals is based on three pillars.

(1) From January to February 2024, Statista invited hospital managers and medical professionals with knowledge about maternity hospitals to an online survey. The survey was available to medical professionals to participate on Additionally, participants were invited via e-mail. Participants were asked to recommend maternity hospitals and to rate them in the areas of: Perinatal care, operative obstetrics, patient education & counseling, accommodation & service, and nurse & midwife staffing. Recommendations for own employer were not allowed.

(2) Hospital quality metrics data relevant to maternity care from Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), The Joint Commission (TJC) and the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) were collected.

(3) Additionally, publicly available data from patient surveys was used to analyze the overall patient experience in the hospital.

Group 1157


To be eligible for the analysis, maternity hospitals must report their performance data and receive at least a 2-star rating from CMS. Additionally, the hospitals must meet the minimum thresholds for the aforementioned pillars. Based on pre-defined thresholds for each of the three pillars, awarded hospitals were grouped into two categories (5 ribbons/4 ribbons).
5-ribbons: Reputation score: >69%, Patient experience score: >82%, Quality metrics score: >84%
4-ribbons: Reputation score: > 66%, Patient experience score: >79%, Quality metrics score: >77%

A detailed report on our methodology is available here.


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