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In addition to general evaluations of employee satisfaction, it contains individualized comparisons between your own brand and selected competitors.

In addition to the general willingness to recommend, we query employees on numerous topics that influence employee satisfaction. The individual factors are assigned to general drivers of employee satisfaction (e.g. interaction with co-workers, supervisor behavior, workload, and work/life balance), which give a more holistic picture of which topics contribute to workplace satisfaction.

The report presents these findings in an appealing, illustrative form and offers, along with the descriptive presentation, a benchmarking with competitors, as well as general recommendations for action to increase employee satisfaction.

Image & Growth

Positive word of mouth, management being loyal to the employees, as well as a growing workforce are all important factors that drive overall employee satisfaction. Example statement for this driver: “I am proud of the product/service that my company produces/offers.”


A good work-life-balance has a direct effect on employee satisfaction. Companies providing employees the possibility to harmonize their private and professional life with their needs are highly valued by their staff. Example statement for this driver: “I can organize my own work.”

Career Opportunities & Perspectives

Providing clear paths for the advancement of employees on all hierarchy levels is key. Providing opportunities for employees to develop and present new ideas does not only generate value for the employees but may create many positive effects for the company itself. Example statement for this driver: “My employer encourages me to take the initiative and develop new ideas.”

Working Conditions

Adequate and state of the art equipment provided to the employees, as well as general circumstances concerning working spaces (eg. lighing, ventilation, ergonomic workplaces) directly affect employees’ day to day satisfaction. Example statement for this driver: “The working equipment is state of the art.”

Leadership & Colleagues

The direct supervisor, as well as colleagues, play a key role in employee satisfaction. A positive atmosphere and appreciation by supervisors have a positive affect on the team spirit and hence, employee satisfaction. Example statement for this driver: “My direct supervisor makes his/her decisions clear.”


A salary that is consistent with the tasks and responsibilities is an important factor for employee satisfaction. Even though for many employees the actual working tasks and colleagues may be more important, salary sets the foundation for the appretiation of their work. Example statement for this driver: “The company pays a good wage/salary.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more people are consciously deciding to act more socially responsible and follow a sustainable lifestyle. They not only expect higher standards from themselves, but their surroundings as well – including their employer. Example statement for this driver: “My company pays attention to climate protection issues.”


Diversity within the workforce does not only have a positive effect on the overall working atmosphere, it also positively affects working results and hence, has a positive effect on the overall performance of a company. Example statement for this driver: “My company respects individuals and values their differences.”

Sample study

What you can expect

Download the free sample study to get an overview of what content you can expect. From top-down analyses to company specific data and performances – our insights studies offer a broad overview over employee satisfaction in the respective country. Given different (working) cultures, the study content does vary for the different countries. If you are interested in the content of a specific country, feel free to contact us.



How we work

Group 1161


The employee surveys conducted by Statista R are carried out independently of the potentially awarded employer brands. This reduces distortion of the results that could arise from non-anonymous surveys (e.g. social desirability in response behavior). The focus on willingness to recommend and on general questions about working conditions allows for comparability across heterogeneous sectors.

Group 1162

Data collection

For data collection, Statista R programs detailed online questionnaires that ask survey participants about work-related topics. Statista R works with leading online access panels worldwide to identify suitable participants. During the survey, the incoming evaluations are checked for quality & validity (interview length, variances, inconsistencies) and sorted accordingly.

Group 1160


For the evaluation, Statista R applies a scoring model that primarily relies on the direct and indirect evaluation of the respondents. This includes both the evaluation of the respondent’s own employer as well as the evaluation of other employers from the same industry.

Group 1157

Quality Assurance

For each potential award-winning employer brand, the number of employees and the headquarters in the respective country are researched. This step serves as quality assurance and is presented as information in the publication.

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