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with an independent methodological approach provide transparent and trustworthy results.

Methodological approach

Employee surveys conducted by Statista R are carried out independently of the organizations themselves. This reduces distorting effects that can arise from non-anonymous surveys (e.g. social desirability in response behavior). The focus on willingness to recommend and on general work-related questions also allows for comparability across heterogeneous sectors.


Statista R conducts employer rankings in over 50 countries across the globe. Every calendar year, around half a million employees are asked to rate their own employers and other employers within the industries they work in. The independently administered surveys that are conducted for the rankings provide an important basis for the evaluations. In addition to the employee surveys, additional information and KPIs are collected for the eligible brands, which, depending on the ranking type, are also included in the scoring model. The detailed methodology for each ranking is shown on the respective project page.

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