Switzerland's Best Employers 2023

Based on an online survey of more than 7,000 employees, Switzerland’s best 250 employers were awarded for the fifth time in cooperation with Handelszeitung and PME.

List of Switzerland's Best Employers 2023

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The Project

The Best Employers 2023 is a list of 250 companies in Switzerland, who were selected due to their success as excellent employers.

The research entailed identifying over 1,500 employers with more than 200 employees in Switzerland. The list of the “Best Employers 2023” is based on a large-scale online-access panel survey, through which thousands of employees were asked for their ratings, as well as recommendations generated by the website of Handelszeitung. Across all channels, more than 200,000 ratings were included in the ranking.

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Companies evaluated


Employees surveyed


Companies awarded



Our scoring model is based on independently collected survey data from employees in Switzerland. This data is divided into several assessment dimensions.

Score breakdown


On a scale of 0 to 10, respondents indicate how likely they are to recommend their own employer to friends or family – with 0 being the worst and 10 the best.

Respondents indicate the industry they work in. Based on this, each respondent is shown a selection of employers who are active in the given sector. Respondents can then voluntarily recommend or advise against employers from the list.



The employee surveys conducted by Statista R are carried out independently of the potentially awarded employer brands. This reduces distortion of the results that could arise from non-anonymous surveys (e.g. social desirability in response behavior). The focus on willingness to recommend and on general questions about working conditions allows for comparability across heterogeneous sectors.

Data Collection

For data collection, Statista R programs detailed online questionnaires that ask survey participants about work-related topics. Statista R works with leading online access panels worldwide to identify suitable participants. During the survey, the incoming evaluations are checked for quality & validity (interview length, variances, inconsistencies) and sorted accordingly.


For the evaluation, Statista R applies a scoring model that primarily relies on the direct and indirect evaluation of the respondents. This includes both the evaluation of the respondent’s own employer as well as the evaluation of other employers from the same industry.

Quality Assurance

For each potential award-winning employer brand, the number of employees and the headquarters in the respective country are researched. This step serves as quality assurance and is presented as information in the publication.

A detailed report on our methodology for Switzerland’s Best Employers 2023 is available.

Our Partners

Handelszeitung – the leading business publication in Switzerland. News from business, politics and finance, 365 days a year, since 1861. Read what is important in business, stock market and politics worldwide: company and stock market news, interviews with personalities from politics and business, job changes, career tips and portraits of Start-ups. The printed newspaper appears weekly on Thursdays.

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Founded more than thirty years ago, PME has become a leader in French-speaking Switzerland. The highly successful monthly business magazine, designed for decision-makers at all levels, is appealing because of its content, which is oriented towards the practical aspects of professional life. PME is a source of useful information and advice for entrepreneurs, executives, service providers, management and human resources consultants, fiduciaries, agencies, etc. The magazine is published on the last Wednesday of the month while the website pme.ch publishes new articles daily.

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